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TV Google Play

Google Play Store has it all for the entertainment of adults and children, and is therefore a tool that we use millions of people in our day to day. Today we will learn to install Google Play Store TV.

Not only are games, but the content of Google Play Store is immense, from games, songs, books and various applications that can serve you in your day to day. A total of more than 450,000 million applications available to which you will have easy access and that today you can enjoy on your TV.

You can read books, play entertaining and varied games, both for teenagers, classic games, entertainment games for children, listen to music, play an instrument and follow their musical notes, learn what you want, such as interior design. Google Play Store has endless possibilities that you can enjoy immediately.

Moreover, all this entertainment you will have accessible from anywhere on planet Earth that has an Internet connection, always from the Android operating system. You can access any content in the Play Store and take advantage of the cloud to access it from anywhere. Google Play TV opens with a new design that is driving millions of people crazy around the world, because it perfectly adapts the format and visibility is more than correct.

How to install TV Google Play

First you have to know what version you are using. To do this you just have to enter the Google Play Store, click on the gear icon and go down to the information section. Inside the “Play Store Version” section will appear, indicating the installed version.

In the event that we have not updated the latest version, we just have to click to obtain it, wait a short time until the process is completed correctly.

In the upper right corner of our Google Play we will find the applications, games and my applications section. In it we can consult those applications that we have installed or have previously installed.

Or if we prefer we can do a search in case we know the application we are looking for. We will find an updated list of the most popular applications.

With the passage of time, TV Google Play is gaining popularity and becoming more accessible and close to the user, we really like this new version, but we like to have you informed about everything that happens to the world of Google Play Store.

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