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Play Store for PC

We already know how Play Store offers us all the applications available for our enjoyment. If what you want is to have all these apps in PC version, do not stop reading this post because you will find all the necessary knowledge to download it to your computer. Not only can you use Google Play Store app on your cell phone, tablet, smartphone or smart TV but you can also download Play Store for your PC.

Download Play Store

Easy steps to have this application store on your PC and be able to use them comfortably without using your mobile or tablet. It’s fast and it’s comfortable, don’t complicate yourself. Follow our tips to install Play Store for PC and enjoy it from anywhere with an Internet connection.

We´ll show How to install Play Store on PC

Google Play Store is an application with Android technology, so we will need a computer program that allows us to use the mobile functions on our computer, so that it turns our PC into a smartphone. This is what is known as an emulator, since it simulates that our computer has the operating system of a cell phone, that is, it behaves as if it were a mobile phone.

One of the best Android emulators is the BlueStacks, it does not usually give errors and allows you to use all the applications available in the Play Store for your PC, it is easy to use, very intuitive and meets the requirements.

When we have installed this emulator that we propose, you only have to download the application you want to use, in this case download Play Store app on your PC, as if it were a mobile. Using the emulator we can install Play Store on the PC and use it as any Android device. From now on, we will be using Google Play on our computer, and thus, in this way, download Android applications on the

Why download Play store for PC?

Using Google Play Store app on our PC allows us not to drain the battery of our mobile, or use it for calls and send messages, which was really designed for this.

In addition, for Android applications that need to be written, such as messaging apps, it is really more convenient to use the computer keyboard than the one that comes on the cell phone. Also, it is more comfortable to play games with better image and playability the computer, because it allows you to use the mouse and keyboard at the same time.

It happens sometimes that your phone does not have enough capacity or memory to download and start up such modern games, so it will be essential to use the emulator that we have explained.

Google Play Store