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Apple Play Store

It will seem strange to you, but the truth is that you can enjoy certain Apple content in the Google Play Store app, and we will show it to you, do not go! We tell you.

You can enjoy all the entertainment by downloading Android applications in the Play Store, thanks to Apple Inc. developers on Google Play. Millions of books, magazines, games and other content that you will find in the Google Store application of your device. You just have to do a simple search in the Play Store search box and locate all the applications that Apple Inc. has developed for you. Try it!

We know that if there is a rival and opponent of Google (Android) this is Apple, so it is somewhat strange to see that there is Apple content in the Google Play Store. Eternal rivals but when it comes to offering content they don’t want to run out of each other’s users. The applications that Apple Inc. has developed for you. Try it!

Similarly, it can be understood that Google, despite having a different operating system, is also present in the Apple Store. We accompany you to discover which Apple applications are listed in the Play Store.

  • Move to iOS. It is more than clear that what Apple’s big one intends is to bring as many users as possible to its land. And this app says it clearly, they want you to prepare for a full-fledged move. And to make this move, this app allows you to pass your contacts, photos, videos and other storage from your old cell phone to your new iPhone, and for this use only your Wi-Fi Internet connection.
  • Appple Music. If with the previous application, we surprised you, perhaps this surprise is even greater, and that is that the rivalry is taken to unattainable limits, where perhaps the most absolute extreme is reached. The counterpart, we would say is Spotify, who has surpassed in downloads in countries like the United States. Download here.
  • Beats Pill. Se trata de una aplicación de utilidad, que te permite controlar el nivel de volumen de sonido del altavoz.
Google Play Store