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Android Play Store

We already know all the functions that Google Play Store has, among them and the most important is that it brings together all the apps of the Android operating system, and of course from Play Store we can download and install these applications on our cell phone, tablet or, even in our smart TV Now, we only have to know how.

Download Play Store

Sometimes it happens that we buy a new device (mobile, tablet or TV) and do not have the Google Play Store by default. Nothing happens, don’t panic! From this post we will show you how you can install, download and use it without any complications.

Some people may think that the devices already come with the preinstalled application and that this explanation is not necessary, but they are wrong. Today, Chinese cell phones, for example, do not have it installed, and use the Android Play Store system, however it is not installed. That is why this information is of interest if you want to have the largest application store on your device.

You also have to know if you can download applications without having a Play Store, and this is possible if, let’s see how you can install Play Store for Android.

How to install Play Store on Android

You must download the latest version of Play Store on your mobile, for this you can use this link, which is Play Store Apk. This file you have downloaded serves you for your Android device.

Before installing the latest version of this application we have to give permissions to our device to install it, for this we go to Settings > Security. Start the installation by opening Play Store Apk, either through the download folder or from the notification that will have reached us as the installation has been completed.

You already have a Play Store for your Android device. The steps to follow to install the Google application is very simple, and as you can see it is valid for mobile phones as well as tablets. Do not miss your free installation.

To download and install Play Store on your device you should know that you must have the Android operating system, which is programmed with Google Store. So if you have an iOS operating system, such as an iPhone device, or Mac you will need an emulator that allows your device to behave like Android Play Store, and in this way download the games and applications you want for yourself.

Google Play Store