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Google Play Store ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Google Play Store will come by default installed on your smarphone or tablet, as it is one of the essential applications that you must have.

So much so, that if you do not take care of their continuous updates, you will not have access to many games and apps of the moment and with the best quality.

Download Play Store

The reason for having the application correctly installed is because Google Play contains all the apps available in the market, which are precisely from Android. In fact, its initial name was ‘Google market’ … did you know that?

Google Play Storee is therefore the application of all applications, and from which you can download all the apps you are looking for. As Google’s search engine works for the entire Internet, Play Stores will find you the game, or the tool you need, however unusual you think it is. Within this, you can check which app is more popular, which game has more downloads and of course, a rating for each of them by users, so you do not get uncomfortable surprises.

This does not have much complication, but rather the opposite, it is quite intuitive and really simple. It has a search engine that allows you to find all the applications that are booming at the moment, and several listings with the most popular, some suggested according to your previous searches, etc.

Google Play Store download and update

Keeping the Play Store s updated is like keeping the house tidy, since in this way you will find everything that is available in a totally current way, with the valuations of the most modern and up-to-date applications. It is so easy to download Google Play and update it that you will not have to follow long instructions, and in many cases, it depends on the device that you use the smartphone itself will notify you when an update is available at your fingertips.

Play Store Games

How to know which version of Google Play should I install

To know which version of Google Play  Storee you must have installed on your device, you must first know what version you have at this time.

The importance of all this lies in the fact that the application requires a version that could be different depending on the device in which it is located and the type of user, since some appear different functions. And this is so, because it works intelligently, and keeps track of the searches we are doing day after day and suggests some applications based on these previous searches.

You must make sure you are enjoying the latest version of this application so that its functions are really practical for you. to check, we explain below how to proceed

  • First of all, go to Settings.
  • Applications category, select it.
  • In all apps, search for Google Play Store and click 
  • At the end of menu, the version you have installed will appear.

Keep in mind that there is no single way to know if the version that has been installed turns out to be the latest version available. The best way to find out is to access a frequently updated repository, such as the well-known APKMirror. Go to the “All versions” section, and that’s where you can check, what are the latest versions, choose the most current date within your range.

Play Store

Update Google Play

You have already verified that your mobile phone does not have the most modern version of Google Play Stores installed, and now what? How can I install it? To update Google Play Store on Android, we will explain below how you can proceed.

  1. Update the app through Google Play

Many users do not know that through the same Google Play app they can access their latest updates and versions. From inside, you can know which version you have already installed, find more recent updates, and in case there is any new version available, install it easily. Follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Google Play application.
  • From Google Play use the drop-down menu on the left, where you will find the “Settings”.
    Once in “Information”, what you will find is “Play Store Version”. Click

From this moment you do this, Google Play will notify you if there are new versions of your application. When there are, they will be installed automatically. If no recent update has been registered, it appears permanently that Google Play Store is already updated correctly and we do not need to take any action on our part.

Find the Google Play Store app

Since you have a mobile device or tablet you can access the Play Store, but sometimes it is not in the place where we would like to have it in sight, so we must find it.

  • Go to the Apps.
  • Search Google Play Store.
  • Application you are looking for will appear in the results list
  • You can find browse for content to download or update.

Once you have updated and downloaded Google Store app you can access the most digital content, as well as install Android applications for your device.